How to care your cashmere knit at home

High-quality cashmere becomes more beautiful from laundry to laundry. Machine washing is always preferable to hand washing. Especially in the case of thick and heavy cashmere parts, the individual stitches are soaked with water during hand washing which results in loss of shape.

Select the cold hand or wool wash (20 ° / 30 °) for machine washing. The frequency of washing your cashmere knit depends on how often and for how long you wear it. It does not have to be in the laundry after each wear – if you ventilate it well and leave it to rest for at least 1 day before wearing it again, the surface recovers and remains soft and smooth. Depending on the use, it is recommended to wash the cashmere part after wearing it for the fourth / fifth time. A small amount of commercially available wool detergent is sufficient for this. Fabric softeners must never be used. The substances contained in these products slick the structure of the surface so that the part inevitably goes out of shape. Please do not bring your cashmere knit to the dry cleaning.

It is best to lay your cashmere knit flat on an absorbent surface (e.g. towel) to dry. Please make sure your cashmere knit is in the correct shape and that the sleeves are raised so that they cannot go baggy.
If you have a dryer … tumble your cashmere part cold for 15 minutes before laying it out to dry. The air supply softens the stitches and the contours of the cuffs and patterns become clearer.

If you have dried your cashmere without wrinkles, it is usually not necessary to iron it. Should it ever be necessary, smooth cashmere can be steamed with a steam iron. The iron must never meet the fabric. Pass the iron over your cashmere knit while keeping a sufficient distance. This will cause the fine hairs to stand up again renewing the cashmeres soft cuddly feel and new looks.

So-called pilling is inevitable for the natural product cashmere. It is not a question of the quality of the yarn but arises from the fact that the fine remaining hair is loosened, and small nodules are formed when rubbing against particularly stressed parts of the garment. The best way to remove them is with a special cashmere comb. The comb loosens the hairs, if you shake the cashmere well after combing and then wash it, it looks like new. We do not recommend using a cashmere razor. With these there is always the risk that holes could be torn into the knitting mesh.

It is best to store your cashmere knit lying flat and not too tight. Hanging on hangers is not recommended as this will cause the parts to lose their shape.